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Elementary Vietnamese - 4 courses – 80 hours/ course

This course emphasizes practical oral and written Vietnamese language through dialogues, listening comprehension exercises, sentence pattern drills, and grammar exercises. The course gives the student basic language skills for daily activities, including carrying on simple conversations, getting directions, and shopping. Local excursions and field trips reinforce language exercises

Intermediate Vietnamese- 4 courses – 80 hours/course

This course is designed for students who already have basic Vietnamese language skills but are not yet able to read, comprehend, or converse fluently. This course brings the student to a higher level of fluency in comprehension, speaking, and reading non-specialized materials. Class work consists of readings, listening comprehension exercises, and guided conversations.

Advanced Vietnamese- 4 courses – 80 hours/course
This course is designed for students at or beyond a threshold level of fluency in written and spoken Vietnamese. The course consists of advanced readings from fiction, newspapers, and scholarly literature, emphasizing the development of native-like conversational ability about the topics discussed.

Academic Vietnamese language:  6 levels –80 hours/ level
This courses are for students who are about to begin a university course or who want to apply to a university in the future. Academic Vietnamese courses will prepare you for the language used in university lectures and academic books.

"Study-tour" courses
include cultural studies, research methods and critical analysis. Some courses will also organize social trips to help you meet new people, practice your Vietnamese and boost your confidence.

Especially Vietnamese language for children program